Heal a soul with food

A magic to know and love yourself better

Personal illustration

I had a lot of stress lately. When the world under pandemic, I took multiple problems at once from a job, family, and mental health. I experience uncertainty and everything is new. People told to adapt to things, but we all human to begin with, being more vulnerable as humans. Everyone at the process of something, it is a long path ahead without a shortcut. I took patience for granted. In Indonesia most people will stay at home during a pandemic, I feel more isolated and far from being out there. As consequence, I am more closely in touch with family. Sometimes, it can lead to meaningful or stressful times. It alters the way my family consumes food.

I get this feeling when something bad is happening, I tend to crave for comfort food whether it is jajanan, chocolate bar, or warm chicken soto. After I eat that food, I may feel guilty about it. I remember sometimes it may feel out of control when suddenly it tastes nothing and I keep continuously eat while I am full. Loneliness, depression, and guilt lead to the drive to eat comfort food. Comfort food refers to the food that improves your mood or feeling of well-being. When the low mood strikes we tend to give ourselves a better experience to improve the mood.

Emotional eating can be mean to respond to your feelings when eating. The feeling can be attached to anything that surrounds you. Most of the time at home, I do have screen times more than usual during this time. It leads to more advertisements, some of it on social media, or the super popular food marketplace apps with online instant delivery. Looking at the convenience when you crave for something, and it will be on your doorstep in instant without going out. It is cheap and makes you more thinking not to leave the house on a very hot sunny day. Some way it may reduce the times I spend cooking with family.

We may hear the phrase we eat first with our eyes. We treat food from our perspective of emotional sense to feel before we eating it. It can have impacts when we are hungry and see the actual food in front of us. As we want to grab and eat it, people may have a preference that they want to eat and not. Each food can be varied taste to spicy, salty, sweet, and umami. It can reflect to differentiate man or woman preferences. Something that is sweet may refer to the girl. The taste can be visualized by our mind when we actually see the color and texture of the food. Feeling good in our emotional sense can be an impact on our comfort preference. It may be why the digital platform is a powerful tool to make a lead.

When we remember the food, we may remember who is the one who makes it and where do you taste it. Some food may remind us of home. In Indonesia, we do eat the food on the table or floor with family. The feeling of being together may enrich us with social connections. Indonesia’s custom eating celebration may attach me to eat together as a family. While we eat together, it can have a meaning as a symbol of gratitude. We connect to those for us who matter. Sometimes it can be filled with other negative emotions since we are not live happily ever after world. In reality, my family keeps getting suck in the phone screen while we tried not to. No matter what the positive or negative emotions we receive, it still resonates for us to be remembered. It may make us longing for that feeling and we feel it again in nostalgia feelings.

Looking at the food in Indonesia, I choose the food by it triggers the lifestyle. Rice is the staple in Indonesia’s meal and sides with a variety dish collected from the cultural region as archipelago country. I may remember the warm oyong soup or chicken soto in the bowl held by my hand. Variety can be myriad taste throughout the Indonesia landscape, but I can remember the taste that cooked by my mother. The food can be my family own version in accordance with our preference. It may have some background influences behind it. It can be rice and several meals mixed with Chinese-Sumatra food.

We look at the food by which we feel where we belong.

Emotional eating can lead to bad or good for your health depends on the way you see it. We can have it by when we are down or as a reward for success. We will feel a more upbeat response toward their achievement. Many comfort food can relate to how much the high carbohydrate or sugary intake. There is also another comfort food that is healthy that usually comes from plants. You may come to understand why do you need to change it or not by the way how you feel. Whether good or bad the food for your health, you should not overeat or let yourself starve. It is the way to appreciate a good life and it is perfectly fine.

Fortunately you can identify your feelings for each response to the food. That way you can know yourself better which food leads you to happiness and don’t overeat. It may trigger the lifestyle and takes time to notice. You may differentiate when you crave something that it is an immediate reward, but how do you feel when you look yourself in the mirror. You may reflect on how you can control your choice for the long term. It will create a small habit that leads you to how you feel in the present. It will take a little time to connect and feel where you belong. Feeling lost in times that may lead to emotional eating is normal.

We are just normal people, we just need to chill just a little and identify slowly what your soul really needs.

Small key takeaway

- You deserve to have food that comforts you, but don’t overeat and let yourself starve.

- You can be more aware of the kind of food and your personal emotional response for the short term or long term impact.

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