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A magic to know and love yourself better

Personal illustration

I had a lot of stress lately. When the world under pandemic, I took multiple problems at once from a job, family, and mental health. I experience uncertainty and everything is new. People told to adapt to things, but we all human to begin with, being more vulnerable as humans. Everyone at the process of something, it is a long path ahead without a shortcut. I took patience for granted. In Indonesia most people will stay at home during a pandemic, I feel more isolated and far from being out there. As…

In troubled mixed up feelings.

Life is unfair. Chaos, everything was hurricane inside it. The gentle of the world is dead inside, just blind. Do not know where you are going to. Come to this and that side but is not there, so where I am just. stranded. I just paused when everyone was free to play with me. Want to scream but nobody hears. Someone heard, but they lost their ears. Trying to free is just hurt and bruised. Everything is hurt. The wounds are only stored in the heart.

Pain inside. Remembering again. A cry in behind a cheerful smile. …

Jakarta, Reflection to Sense of Belonging

Jakarta is central economy area filled with highly complex peoples decision to craft their own path. Life on the street is eye-opening to reality where some people are lost and can’t define a way to what they really want to do. Some can be lost child, marionette, sloth, or even parasite. Here in Jakarta peoples came from many varieties of historical ethnicity and villages try to fit into global pop-trends with or without losing who they really are. We have Jabodetabeka megacity, Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Kerawang connected to the road. Many more…


Study on the architecture, psychology, philosophy, business, brand, and life.

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